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Edinburgh Florist Flowers by Occasion
With the wide range of flowers that we have, you may choose and find the right flower for any specific occasion. Roses symbolise romance and love and they are commonly given to a lover. Meanwhile, gerberas are a source of energy when someone is feeling blue. A carnation flower is given to someone during special memorable events, while sunflowers are used to brighten and boost someone’s day.
Things our Customers Say
Sue Glasgow

July 2020

I ordered some flowers for my mum’s birthday just after 9.00am and they were delivered by 12 noon. My mum was absolutely delighted with the ‘hat box’ flowers I chose and said they were absolutely beautiful! Would highly recommend – thank you so much.
Danielle Birrell

June 2020

Ordered last minute same day delievery, the flowers were beautiful! One off the nicest bouquet ive seen! Worth every penny and great prices
Stephen Royle

May 2020

A last minute effort to send flowers to someone important and delivered right on time. An absolutely beautifully colourful, fresh bouquet of flowers lovingly pulled together. Better than I could have hoped for in these times and totally did the trick. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!!!
Elspeth Clark

March 2020

Helped me out just after New Year with last minute request for roses. Couldn’t have been more helpful and the roses were beautiful. Very reasonable prices. I’ve used this florist several times, never been dissappointed
About Flowers by Mcdowell

With the many years of experience in the field of floral industry, Flowers by McDowell has a lot of things in store. We make sure to stay committed to provide more than what is expected from us.

From the basic simple flower to making someone’s day to a high-end high-end luxury flower set for a wedding, we always prepare the flowers with the utmost care and creativity. And that is what our customers love about us. With that said it gives us pleasure to make you happy and satisfied, we give our 100 percent to make every delivery more special.

For your flower needs, we are the absolute ideal choice. There is something about us, Flowers by McDowell, which makes sure that our flowers always will catch everyone’s attention. It might be because of the fact that we have the freshest and finest flowers in store.

We will surely pass your loved ones’ preferences and standards when it comes to quality. Flowers by McDowell is the only online flower shop that is highly recommended for its top-notch quality and high standards.

We also promise that we will deliver your gifts to your loved ones as fast as possible, because we are accessible for daily deliveries throughout Edinburgh. And that is something about us that other flower shops can’t compete with.

We are available from Monday through to Saturday. You may contact us at 0131 443 1512 or email us via for your floral needs and inquiries about us.

Flowers by Mcdowell are also here to assist you for your wedding events to become more special. Click here to browse for more wedding flowers.

A Little History of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city, and it is one of the 32 council areas. It is Scotland’s second most populous city and it is also the 7th most populous city in the whole of the United Kingdom. Edinburgh has a thriving flower shop business and one of the shops in the city is Flowers by McDowell.

Flowers by McDowell has been a long-time running flower shop mainly because of the quality of service and flowers that we provide to our dearly beloved customers. We are an experienced florist and we have the wisdom which we have accumulated throughout the years.

We have been serving and providing our customers with only the best of the best quality of flower arrangements and accompanying gifts. Our florists, who have been with us from the beginning of our journey, are deeply passionate when it comes to making sure that our customers always get the best type of quality that we could give to them.

Our main goal is to please and satisfy our customers’ needs, along with their loved ones’ needs as well. To do this, we make sure to listen to the requests and suggestions of our customers. We do our best to incorporate their vision into the floral arrangements that we create with love, passion, creativity, and care.

Edinburgh comes with a long history of different names. In 600 A.D. Edinburgh was referred to as “Fort of Eidyn” when the settlement was still a “Gododdin hillfort.” The Scottish also referred to the city as “Auld Reekie” (“Smoky’) because of the pollution from wood and coal fires from chimneys that left dark smoky trails through Edinburgh’s skies.

“Auld Reekie” also means Athens of the North because of Edinburgh’s topography. The term refers to the role of Edinburgh as the intellectual and cultural centre of Scotland.

During the Industrial Revolution, Edinburgh remained untouched thus earning the title in 1995 as one a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Edinburgh’s over 1,000 years of history has made it one of the most beautiful capitals in the world loved not only by the Scots but by visitors as well.

Edinburgh earned its charter in 1329 and became the Scottish capital. People have lived on the present site of Edinburgh’s castle since the 6th century, the city’s most famous attraction. The development of the old town seen today though began in the middle ages.

Edinburgh today is an elegant and spacious city evolving into being the capital of Scotland. Buildings around the Royal Mile from the Castle to the Palace at Holyrood were once squalid thus earning the nickname Auld Reekie (Smoky). This nickname remains to this day.

Here at Flowers by McDowell, we always want our customers to have a great and wonderful experience. We know this will lead them to become happy and completely satisfied with our output made especially for their pleasure.

At Flowers by McDowell, we give our customers the ability to choose whatever design they want, and we will surely comply with their requests. We also offer same-day delivery for the entire city of Edinburgh, and you may contact us at any time if you have further questions.

Rest assured that when you order from us, Flowers by McDowell, it will always be of great quality and service!

Visit Flowers by Mcdowell now to enjoy same-day flower delivery.

We Promise

Flowers Creation

Here at Flowers by McDowell, we promise to create the best flower and bouquet arrangements for our customers. We promise that our team is extremely passionate, creative, and devoted when it comes to providing our dear customers the best service and quality flowers that we could. At Flowers by McDowell, we promise to our valued customers that you will receive the best quality flowers we could provide.

Flower Freshness Guarantee

We promise that Flowers by McDowell will always give you a very impressive and high-quality service when it comes to delivering flowers to your loved ones for any special occasions. In every step of the way, from our trusted suppliers who give us the highest quality of premium flowers to delivering into you, we promise that we always provide the freshest flowers for your contentment and pleasure. We promise that we would always do our best to handle all deliveries with care, love, and appreciation to provide you with the fresh and perfect flowers that you deserve. We promise to deliver right at your doorstep, and we are more than willing to assist you with your other floral needs.

Passion for Flowers

Flower Academy
Flowers are known to be a source of happiness, and their wide variety of colours is a huge contributor to that. They have a captivating charm and magnificent beauty that adds a smile to everyone’s face. Read and indulge in our Flowers by Mcdowell’s flower magazine to know ,how significant flowers are and be inspired by how these beautiful flowers bloom and grow.

Care Tips

edinburg florist
Whenever you receive Flowers, you should always do your best to care for them and follow simple care tips that you could do at home. Here at Flowers by McDowell, we have care tips that you may follow to ensure the longevity of your flowers freshness. You could check out our care tips whenever you want to refresh your memory on how to properly take care of your flowers!
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