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Flourishing Ideas

Cut the stems

After we deliver your blooms and when the flowers arrive at your home, the first thing you have got to do is to cut the bottom of the stem one to two inches in an angle. Following this care tip will help in making the flowers have a better chance of absorbing the water when you place them inside a vase. Once you have already finished cutting them initially, always make sure to re-trim the stems once every few days to help the flowers in exposing their fresh tissue that absorbs the water.

Remove the dead parts

Remove the dead petals and wilting leaves and stems to prevent bacterial growth. Check flowers daily to avoid bacterial rot. Once you notice that some of your flowers parts are getting dry and withered, it is time to remove the dead petals and wilting leaves including its stems to help avoid the growth and spread of bacteria. To make sure that your flowers are always at their best state, check your blooms daily. By doing this care tip, you could avoid bacterial growth that will for sure cause your flowers to rot and wither.

Replenish water frequently

Flowers are living creatures, just like us humans. And all living creatures need to stay hydrated by taking a lot of water for their system. Therefore, it is a given fact that your beautiful floral arrangements will also require a lot of water to survive and it will help your blooms last longer and stay fresher. For this care tip, you have to make sure that you always replace the water inside your flower vase and make sure to hydrate your blooms by giving them fresh water daily. Doing this will maintain your flowers freshness, and it will keep them hydrated and alive for a longer period.

Keep away from sunlight

Flowers are the total opposite of potted plants that require direct sunlight for growth and freshness. Flowers will last longer when they are placed in a cool and dry area. You must avoid putting your blooms directly near windows, or any electrical appliance as this will radiate heat which your flowers will receive. Avoid this so that it will prolong your flowers life span and your beautiful flowers freshness and quality.